Come Take A Ride

Few things are almost universally beloved by mankind. Music and our furry four-legged friends are two of the very few, so mixing the two for a great cause is of course a natural. Nashville’s own Goldy lockS Band has stepped off of the stage and into the Pearl River SPCA shelter for just such a purpose. Using their talents they have come together to help raise awareness for a great cause.

Originally when Goldy sat down to write ‘Lets Take A Ride’ she had envisioned perhaps using it as a jingle to help sell cars. But she quickly decided it would do far more good promoting a cause near and dear to her own heart: pet adoption. The proud ‘mama’ to an adopted cat named Annie, she went out seeking to see what good she could do.

So when the Krewe of the Pearl reached out to her to make a video for the shelter they work with, she leapt at the chance. In the past an off handed comment had really gotten her mind turning. The director of another shelter mentioned the iconic Sarah McLachlan song Angel (you have very likely shed a tear or two at the commercials featuring sad faced animals overlaid with this song). She talked about how that song is great for raising money…but sometimes harder for getting pets adopted.

So Goldy and crew decided to try and put a new musical spin on humane societies! Adopting a pet is an occasion for celebration they knew, and their song would be a perfect avenue to promote that. So with the help of the band, the Krewe of the Pearl, and the Pearl River SPCA they were able to craft a lighthearted, humorous video showcasing all the great animals ready to find forever homes of their own.

“If you take nothing else away from this, please just remember to adopt, don’t shop.” Goldy adds. “There are thousands of sweeties out there just waiting on you scoop them up. And don’t forget to see what other services the SPCA offers, like cheap heartworm pills, and or affordable neutering. With stuff like that, there is no reason to not take perfect care of your new little family member.”

So, there really isn’t any excuse to not come take a ride with a great new dog or cat!

Cute Dogs | Cute Puppies | Goldy lockS Band | Let’s Take A Ride | PRCSPCA | Pearl River County SPCA

Cute Dogs | Cute Puppies | Goldy lockS Band | Let’s Take A Ride | Humane Society HSSM

Cute Dogs | Cute Puppies | Goldy lockS Band | Let’s Take A Ride | Humane Society Dickson County

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