Goldy lockS Bio

Goldy lockS Band Bio

It is natural in the life of a band for it change as time passes. Members come and go, styles morph, attitudes evolve. For most it is a devolution, for a lucky few, an improvement. Far more rarely though is the band that has everything fall into place so perfectly that they become the epitome of what they set out to do. Goldy lockS is one of those rare, blessed exceptions. Taking four already successful artists and meshing them together in this fun and wild group, they are perfectly positioned to set the world ablaze with their talent.

From an early origin in the hard rock music scene, this band has become a perfect storm of blending musical styles. Each member brings their own impeccable accent to the others, allowing them to thread their music together into a whole that is stronger and more skilled. Fusing rock and pop, jazz and metal, into a smooth brew with a powerful kick they are sure to bring something to the table for everyone.

Founder and lead vocalist Goldy is no stranger to the stage. Getting her start as a chicken commercial star as a young child, as she grew older she became a teen-pop sensation sharing the stage with the likes of Pink, and charting in multiple countries. She then transitioned to being a personality on TNA Wrestling, interviewing and managing some of the biggest names in the business. She has since been on a number of shows, from Running Wild with Ted Nugent, to TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, all while producing and directing her own web-series Goldy Knows. Her first love has always been music however, and she could not stay away from the stage for long. A classically trained vocalist, she can sing in three languages while dominating a room with her awe inspiring stage presence. A true Hard Rock Woman, she brings an edge to the shows, while charming the crowds with her signature self-deprecating humor.

Sean O’Bryan Smith, bass wizard, brings a wealth of experience to the band. As a top-selling recording artist you would be hard pressed to find a job he has not done in the music industry, or a person he has not impressed. A jazz icon to many, his albums have soared to the Top 20 of the Contemporary Jazz charts, and has led to him working with many of the most storied names in the business. He has scored movies, produced albums, and shared the stage with countless big name acts, all the while maintaining an inspiring humility and strong Christian faith. Bringing a heavy doze of jazz to the mix with his immaculate bass playing, Sean brings a sultry almost playful undertone of sound to the band the complements the overall sound so well.

An axe-wielder extraordinaire, Paul Brittain is the next key piece of the Goldy lockS experience. An uber-talented R&b guitarist, he has toured and and done studio work with numerous national touring acts. He has also written for film and television, as well as other recording artists, all the while honing and mastering his art. Always one to rise to any challenge, he found the broad range of styles the band was bringing together to be an excellent vehicle for him to take his skill to the next level, allowing him to be a sonic explorer, carving new paths.

The final member is the ever mohawked Rod Saylor. Bringing a touch of heavy metal with his frenetic drumming, he is the hard steel backbone of the band. Having learned his craft from the widely respected Joey Eberline he has played with bands all across the US, rocking faces all the while. So often the drummer is barely noticed by the crowd, his stage presence subsumed by everything going on around him. Not so with Rod, who makes his presence known, both by the skill he has with his craft, but also with powerful bearing.

It is inevitable that when you get so many successful, quality members together that great things are going to happen. They have shared the stage with bands the likes of: Saliva, Sevendust, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Hurt, Theory Of A Deadman, Collective Soul, Stevie Nicks, Bret Michaels Band, Rick Springfield, Ted Nugent, Pat Benatar, Maroon 5, and Grand Funk Railroad. They have worked with such legendary producers as Michael Wagener, Michael Patterson and Dale Oliver.

From 2008 to the present the band has sold over 65,000 CDs and Eps, as well as over 2500 DVDs. Their current single Today I Won’t Be Afraid has been licensed by numerous national and worldwide charities. Their previous single, Sometimes, by 2007 was playing on over 120 internet and terrestrial stations.

How did they get to this level of success? By being a band that is focused on writing strong, exceptional songs. By putting on the best bang for your buck show in the U.S. By letting their inspiring energy infect each other and the crowd. Its clear how close knit they are, constantly operating with an amazing synergy, and pushing each other to be as exceptional as they know they can be. And it shows, leaving us all the richer for the experience.

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