Rod Saylor Bio

Born in Lansing Michigan, Rod moved to Florida as a young child, where he grew up in several small towns all across the state. Finally he was able to settle down during middle school, which was his first chance to complete at least one full school term. After learning to play trumpet and read music at an early age, this led Rod to move through baritone and French horn, with a strong desire to  play drums and percussion.

Fortunate events allowed his family to relocate in a small town in Florida, moving next door to the man who would become his mentor and second dad: Joey Eberline. An accredited drummer who has played with  numerous bands, and an well regarded session drummer and drum instructor, he was  perfectly equipped to give Rod the guidance needed.

Hard work and extreme hours of practice has paid off and brought him to his new home here in the heart of music city. He has had the pleasure of playing in several aspiring bands such as: Zacharia Jones, BongWaterTaffey, SeventhSteele, Fists of Kayne, MindsEye, BabalonPink, Hell Head, Gift Horse, and Saint Jezebel.

Currently Rod has teamed up with accomplished TNA wrestling personality and performing artist Goldy Locks late 2014 has proven to provide an intense positive chemistry, allowing him to share the stage with amazing and talented artist. Full schedules and booking through 2015 have allowed him the opportunity to open for nationally owned artists such as The Brett Michaels Band, as well as working with some of the countries brightest and helpful benefit organizations such as MS fitness challenge, and Ecocise Bamboo clothing. Goldy Locks will be on TLC in early November for an episode of extreme cheapskates, as well as her Internet web series called Goldy Knows.

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