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Fitness IS my life. I share all of my knowledge, experience in Sports Entertainment, and years in the gym because I care about you all and love you. I love people. I love seeing them happy and healthy.

Goldyvegy1I grew up with a disabled father and a terminally ill mother. It was very hard to see my mother so uncomfortable and sick.  I know many diseases out there can be cured or definitely helped through proper diet and nutrition.

Goldy 1

It’s a conscious CHOICE to live this way. I want to live a long and fulfilled life. I don’t want to have ailments and pains. I want to die a peaceful and calm death without having people have to “keep” me alive. I CHOOSE to eat foods that fuel me rather than drag me down.


I consume MORE raw green vegetables filled with cancer preventive anti oxidants than most Americans do in a month, possible a year. That’s no joke. I drink TWO to THREE green smoothies a day. (Recipe to follow)


I have more energy than most of the peeps I know in their 20’s.

Goldy_-_Vegies_Jan2014-0182 I am on the road, play in smoky dives, do 5-hour performances, drive all night and STILL have a ton of energy, happiness and joy. Goldy_-_Vegies_Jan2014-0102-Edit What’s my secret? The products on these next few pages. Beachbody and Advocare. I’ve used them both for years. I didn’t even KNOW I was taking Avocare. I just ordered from a friend and felt great, energized and whole. I had no idea the products I was taking I am NOW representing. I just knew they were awesome! PX90-Workout-Program-Tips-10AdvoCare-TextLogo I remember complaining to a pro wresting buddy of mine how “fat” I felt. I wanted to kick it up a notch. He told me to go to his website and order the 24 day challenge. He told me he lost 15 lbs. on it alone. I ordered. I was VERY surprised on how amazed I looked and felt when I completed. I do cleanses all the time. But not like THIS! They take the guesswork out of EVERYTHING. Just follow the directions and WATCH the results. imagesI still do my other cleanses, but honestly, this is a pretty affordable way to do them safely and effectively. When I’m done with the 24 day challenge I just want to continue eating well and maintaining what I lost by daily workouts in the gym lifting and with my Beachbody INSANITY & P90X workout DVDs. I can do them ANYWHERE. EVEN a small hotel room. Insanity-Logo P90X-New-LogoI’m met a lot of people on the road and at shows who ask me, “How do you do it?” or “What’s your secret?” Well, here they are. I will start blogging more and will be commenting on the exact products I use and in what combinations. I’ll be posting life-changing recipes that I love. And I will try and answer as many questions as I can to keep you motivated and on the right track! Goldy_-_Vegies_Jan2014-0156 Everyone needs to workout. Everyone should exercise. And I really feel supplements make the world of difference in my life. So if you’re going to be ordering these products anyway, why not order from me? I mean business and I care! J And the income I make from any of these products goes back to my web show Goldy Knows which I fund myself.  That and ALL the other AWESOME products I am waiting to conquer the world with! url I am backing these two companies because I believe in them. So let me back YOU too! Goldy_-_Vegies_Jan2014-0180 I pay homage to the Great Pam Anderson who inspired this shoot. Her love for animals and a vegetarian lifestyle is commendable. Nowhere will you find a woman with a more beautiful heart! lettuce-ladies-peta-jayde-nicole • @PamelaDAnderson


Thank you Chuckie Ärlund for freezing your talented and creative rear off in 20-degree weather? Or was it 2? Lol. Thank you brother for always sharing your talent so graciously. • @ChuckArlund

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