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Maybe you’ve seen my web series, “Goldy Knows.” You might know me from my professional wrestling days, or as the crazy rocker chick who fronts the GoldyLockS rock band. You might know me from my work as a photographer, or from my line of custom accessories. Or maybe you’re one of the Facebook friends I love playing and joking and ranting with every day!

No matter how you know me, you’re probably aware that I’m dedicated to health and fitness, AND that I love to help people whenever possible. You also know that I tell it like it is and I’m a NO BULL kind of gal!

I have been so moved by the number of calls, emails and messages I receive from people who are struggling to live a more fit and healthy life, and I’m honored that people would turn to me for advice and motivation.

That’s why I want to share the ideas and products and philosophies that work for me. If they can help you, too, I’ll be thrilled to be a champion for YOUR success.

I’m excited to share these strategies with you, and YOUR confidence in my advice will help us to pay it forward together! Sales of these products will be used, in part, to support additional worthy causes, benefits, and folks in need. So, you’ll be getting strong and fit, and your support will help others to live happier and healthier lives as well.

I’m honored by your friendship and your confidence. Now, let’s get in shape for life!

Why I’m representing Advocare Health and Fitness Products: 

My Website to ORDER from!

No matter how it appears, being in shape doesn’t come easily for me. I’m not genetically gifted. I have to “work” at it every day, which is about 2 hours. I have to watch my caloric intake and my foods choices. It’s taken time to “retrain” my brain to ENJOY the foods that my body appreciates rather than make choices that cause fat gain or retention.

I understand your busy life! I’m constantly on the road. Eating as a response to boredom is a huge challenge. I’ve learned to choose water and decaffeinate teas instead of sodas or other drinks. At fuel stops, I’ve learned to bypass the tempting and beautifully packaged sweet and salty treats and opt for a small pack of nuts instead. After late night shows, when the band wants to load up at the nearest drive-through fast food joint, I mix up some Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes at the hotel instead. The little decisions we make daily WILL show up later … in how you look and how you feel!

Insist on your health and don’t let yourself be steered off track by others. I room with others on the road; no space or privacy. I’ll use my DVDs in a hotel parking lot and I don’t care who may be watching! I get my workout done. I can also do it in my hotel room on those rare nights when I have the privacy. It just takes about 4’ X 4’ of space. ANYONE can do this. ANYONE can enjoy the results.

Where do you start? Take a look at my Advocare Website here:  You’ve got to ORDER the products and USE them for amazing results!

I did the 24 Day Challenge last year and lost 15lbs. I’ve managed to keep off 7 from that run! It WORKS!


 You CAN do it! Are you a busy mom? You can do it! A business professional? You can do use these products and see huge results in your body AND in your overall health.

I promise you — it works! I’m corn fed and Midwestern bred. I have to really make an effort. I’ve been using these products for 1 year now and they WORK! The changes in my body, my energy level and my general fitness have been so exciting and rewarding. You WILL watch YOUR body change, too.

Anyone can do this! Invite friends to do it with you!

I speak the truth. Just look at my photos to prove it! THAT is why I post them. Proof is IN the pudding! Or Advocare! XXOO

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