Great Day For A Wedding

It’s A Sure Great Day for a Wedding”
She thought it was the real, finally-forever, lasting kind of love … a gorgeous, gifted singer/songwriter, front woman of the rock band that bears her name … and a sweet country boy with his own dreams of music stardom.
It would be a marriage made in Music Heaven on Earth. He showed her the ring.

He introduced her everywhere as the women with whom he planned to share his life. But one day, without warning, it was over. No reason, no apology, not even a phone call. A few short texts later, Goldy knew that HER dreams for a great wedding day were dashed … but in true Goldy fashion, she dusted herself off and poured all of that love and optimism into a song for OTHER brides … and for anyone planning that special ceremony to celebrate a real and forever promise.
“It’s A Sure Great Day For A Wedding” and it’s a sure great song for a celebration!

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