Today I Won’t Be Afraid

“Today, I Won’t Be Afraid”
Delivers Message of Hope & Survival
Compelling Lyrics Resonate with Numerous Organizations

It’s no surprise that music can inspire and have far-reaching effects. It is rare, however, for a single song to begin to inspire before the recording is even complete.

And yet this is the story of “Today, I Won’t Be Afraid,” the new single from the rock band, Goldy Locks. The song carries a power message of hope and survival. Organizations like the YWCA, Soles for Souls, Deanna Favre Hope Foundation and the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition heard the lyrics and reached out for an affiliation before production was finished.

Goldy LockS TN Mornings

Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Dale Oliver (Casting Crowns, Josh Bates) and Michael Patterson (Beck, Notorious B.I.G, She Wants Revenge, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Duran Duran), the song is being recorded in 5 languages: Japanese, Spanish, French, German and English.

Click here to see the Goldy lockS YWCA book “Today I Am”

The lyrics are encouraging for all ages, with a message of survival and determination that resonates with everyone who’s ever reached for hope; the abused woman, the husband who’s lost his job, the cancer patient or the child with no shoes.

The “Today I Won’t Be Afraid” School Tour will reach schools this Fall, delivering a positive and encouraging message to kids, followed by an invitation to a dynamic concert/fundraiser for schools.

Goldy Locks and D.A.R.E.

183902_10151143887347875_267089236_n269933_10151143883867875_821318457_n A coffee table book in collaboration with the YWCA of Middle Tennessee, featuring the touching photographs of Goldy Locks; singer, songwriter, entertainer and artistic entrepreneur has already sold hundreds of copies raising thousands of dollars. Women with incredible success stories of overcoming abuse are be featured in the photos. The women were treated to a style makeover by Christopher Harston, and hair & make-up by Street Gypsy. Clothing was donated by Nashville’s Smack and the Green Hills Chicos stores. Thousands of books, entitled “Women of the YWCA. Today I Won’t Be Afraid” will be distributed and sold. A CD copy of the song will be included with each book.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be kicked on at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Biloxi, MS on October 2nd in an event that features this amazing song. The entire Hard Rock building will be illuminated in pink lights for the month of October. Dianna Favre, wife of the NFL’s Bret Favre will be flipping the switch and Goldy Locks will follow with a performance of “Today, I Won’t Be Afraid.”

Goldy lockS live at the Rutledge

An organization giving millions of shoes to those world wide in need, Soles for Souls has already began matching images to “Today I Won’t Be Afraid” for future add campaigns.

The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition has used the song at their annual fundraiser. The song was preformed & then sold after the show. More than $250,000 was raised by combined efforts that night for women with breast cancer in the Nashville Area.

Asked what is so special about this song, Goldy Locks says, “It was just so divinely inspired. The message has meaning for almost anyone going through a struggle and I am so honored at the way it is being received, and the way one little song can reach out and literally touch millions with a positive message.”

Today I Wont Be Afraid School Tour

Some clips from Goldy lockS Today I Won’t Be Afraid School Tour. Representing Red Level and West Limestone Highschool

Goldy Locks in Afghanistan unplugged

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